The breakfast

Served at the table from 8.00am to 10.00am, enjoy a delicious breakfast in the soft morning light.
Feast on local and homemade products.
Get ready for a new day of skiing or hiking.

14€ per person per day

  • Tea, Coffee, Homemade chocolate, milk, herbal tea
  • Pastries, Bread,
  • Jams, Alp’s honney
  • Fruits basket

To enhance your breakfast :

  • Squezzed orange
  • Home made natural yogurt
  • Home made stewed fruit
  • Dried fruits assortment
  • Corn flakes, Muesli, oatmeal
  • Home made cake from the day

Alp’s cheeses :

  • Tomme d’Abondance
  • Tomme de vache fermière


  • Smoked Alpes Ham

Boiled eggs

Who are our Providers ?

Tea, herbal tee and milk

  • Tea : Hjem
  • Herbal tea : Hjem
  • Milk : GAEC la Ferme Des Roches Fleuries

Jam, Honney and butter

  • Rucher des 3 cousins at Saint Gervais les Bains
  • Butter, cottage Cheese: La Ferme Des Roches Fleuries at Saint Gervais les Bains


  • Cow Tomme: Au Produits de ma ferme Saint Gervais les Bains
  • Abondance Tomme: La Ferme des Roches Fleuries at Saint Gervais les Bains

Ham and sausages

  • Cooked ham: Au produit de ma ferme at Saint Gervais les Bain


  • Hens reared in the open air: Eggs purchased on the market every Thursday